About Warrior Apothecary

April comes from a long line of healers with ancestors from the German Black Forest, Cornwall, England, Ontario Pennsylvania Dutch & French-Canadian Quebec.

She grew up spending time in nature, making concoctions from her mother’s teas & spices, surrounded by books, antiques, crystals & incense, working with runes, listening to world & folk music & reading Leonard Cohen.

She is a member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community with previous volunteering, training & employment in sustainability & environmentalism, non profits & social justice, mental health, death & abortion doulary, natural textile arts, therapeutic massage & alternative therapies, aromatherapy, perfumery & herbalism.

April chose to use these personal experiences to create inclusive, sustainable options for relief of mental & physical ailments for ALL bodies while taking you back to the roots of the earth & back in time with her vintage apothecary, which is focused on her traditional ancestral cultures.

Holding a firm belief that we can BE the change we want to see in the world, Warrior Apothecary was birthed with root-to-bottle intention.

With a modern solid sustainable focus on the environment, allergies & skin conditions, ingredients are free of nuts & synthetics, wildcrafted or ethically sourced & packaged strictly in glass or compostable materials.

April continues to stay on top of new sustainable options as they become available & further her volunteerism & education in the mental and physical health field naturally & is currently studying Master Perfumery & Advanced Medical Herbalism.

Whether your self care needs are focused on physical, mental or spiritual areas, you’ll find many highly researched, unique remedies & perfumery here.