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Patchouli is one of the most unique scents and the basic building block of the many perfumery genres. It has a most interesting structure, comprised of sweet herbaceous top notes, rich winey heart note & balsamic woodsy base.

Patchouli craves it presence; it punches you in the face & drills its way up your nostrils with intensity. Amazingly comforting & tenacious, it has a balancing, grounding, calming effect on mood, mind & those in it’s presence.

Very strong at every stage, this moody beautiful plant creates a magical protective cloak to those brave enough to embrace it.

Malefic ~ (adj.) causing harm, especially by supernatural means.

Spice • Dirt • Power

Patchouli merges with stark, fiery spice of clove & cinnamon, settling into a most satisfying blood orange & crisp lime.

Unapologetic & serious, there is nothing playful about this one.

Welcome to our new perfume library! Years in the making, inspired by beautiful, unique words, this new collection of natural perfume has been created for one to layer, merge together, apply ritually, creating their own unique signature scent.

Our own smell is personal to us, and completely unique. How we smell is predetermined, and comes from the same genes which determine our body’s tissue type. We all have our ‘scent blind spots’, smells which we cannot pick up. This means that we all smell things differently, and the scents we enjoy are entirely unique to us.

Since time immemorial, people have approached fragrance ritualistically, layering on multiple oils, or attars. To have the most surprising effect, it’s important to blend fragrances that have diverse facets. Some scents that you can’t put together in the same bottle or formula, because they’re too extreme and turn out smelling horrible, are actually wonderful when you blend them in a layering process. Perfume layering is the best way to explore new aromas, merging untraditional ingredients to create one’s personal story upon the flesh.

What does your story have to say?

Use ritually to anoint oneself, candles and other objects.

15ml clear glass apothecary bottle

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