#46 Philautia Perfume


HAPPY PRIDE 2023! We are excited to introduce this years’ Pride themed perfume, with proceeds going to our local lgbtqia2s+ grassroots folx!

Philautia ~ pronounced phee-lav-TEE-ah, means self-love.

Vanilla • Woods • Citrus • Jasmine

Philautia refers to how a person views themselves and how they feel about their own body and mind. The modern equivalent of philautia would be something like self-esteem. People with high self-esteem, pride in themselves, or a positive body image practice a healthy version of philautia.

Created with plant allies known for their enormous benefits on health and boosting up the mood, this intoxicating aroma bursts with cool citrus’, crisp woods, succulent vanilla & comforting jasmine.

Vanilla is one of the most popular scents in the world because of how it makes one feel. However, the most empowering element of this scent is its ability to feel connected with your body. Various studies have shown that it elevates mood, helps people feel relaxed and helps people connect with their bodies.

Citrus is a scent that’s proven to leave a more positive impression on another person. Citrus also boost alertness and make you feel energized. Jasmine scent has uplifting properties, and its oil is also used as a natural anti-depressant as it’s proven to calm nerves.

My mama hug to you in a bottle, may you embrace your fullest self, not just this month, but always.

15ml clear glass apothecary bottle with eco glitter

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