#66 Verdure Perfume


• Plant Extract Fine Fragrance •

Balsam Fir •  Cedar Leaf •  Patchouli

Verdure ~ (n.) green foliage; the lush appearance of flourishing vegetation.  Verdure is related to many words for the color green, and that’s exactly what it means: greenery, and a lot of it, in nature.

A feel-good deep lush forest, exploding with primeval greenery, mirroring the meaning of life, death & renewal.

Teeming with a myriad of rain, damp moss, leaves, wet tree trunks, pine needles, sticky resin & soft woods, allow this aroma to completely encircle your entire being.

Plant extract natural perfume is a work of art that will hold differing aromas upon each individual’s flesh throughout each aspect of the scent. From the opening top note to the final dry down, it is best experienced on the skin, opposed to solely sniffing the bottle, allowing the perfume to be truly embraced, understood & appreciated.

What does your perfume story have to say?

30ml matte amber glass apothecary spray bottle.

Ingredients: organic alcohol (derived from cane sugar), plant extracts, absolutes & oils. *free from toxic “perfumers alcohol” & not diluted with water.

Please be mindful that each bottle of our perfume is the equivalent of litres of wildcrafted & infused plant life, concentrated into one small package; with that we highly encourage thoughtful use.


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