Bane Moon Perfume


Limited edition, created during February’s full snow moon, which represents the second chapter of the new year. It represents a time to come out of our rest and hibernation, a time where our intentions for the year begin to manifest and with it a new season (spring) of change.

This is a curious aroma that starts bright, drying down to a dark spice.

Fleabane because of the flower’s shape and color, some consider it a Moon herb. Like the Moon, the flowers change quickly, becoming darker, and they don’t last. For that reason its botanical name means “soon old man”. In early Greek texts the ‘semen of Hephaistos’ refers to fleabane and as such it is considered to be a fire herb.

Fleabane is used magically for exorcism, protection, chastity; aniseed for power, enhancing psychic ability & awareness; cardamom for passion, clarity, to uplift & protect; spearmint for healing & protection, and lime for its cleansing & purification properties.

A very unique spicy aroma, both green and earthy, this has a way of uncommonly enveloping & grounding, while performing dark full moon & shadow work.

10ml amber glass apothecary roller bottle in a kraft cardboard box

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