Baphomet Spirit Oil


Divine balance, from sky to root, light and dark, as above so below.

Embrace your grey with this spicy blend of herbs, roots & other botanicals grown from sky to ground.

Both light and dark, this is an aroma inspired by Baphomet, which encourages one to explore all sides of themselves to create an inner divine balance.

A magickal blend of amyris, myrtle, rue and spikenard. Infused with Rowan berries, hyssop and life everlasting flowers.

Light, dark, mercy, justice, masculine, feminine, sinner, saint, eternal life. This oil can be worn as a perfume, added to bath water, or used ritually to anoint self or objects.

15ml clear apothecary glass bottle

100% vegan, nut and synthetic free, lavender free

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