Belladonna Cauldron


The Belladonna Cauldron Amulet.

One of the most famous “witches herbs”, the common name belladonna originates from its historic use by women, as belladonna is Italian for “beautiful lady”. In the past, witches were believed to use a mixture of belladonna, opium poppy and other plants, which they allegedly applied to help them fly to gatherings with other witches.

Historically used to worship & invoke goddesses, astral projection, divination and for spells on witches Sabbats, this is a staple in any witches apothecary.

Can be worn on the body for warding, placed upon an altar or worked with as one sees fit.

Each small black cauldron opens via the sterling silver hinge, where you will find a small amount of belladonna root encased. Limited quantities available!

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