Boreal Forest Balm


Inspired by our Canadian Boreal forest and photosynthesis itself, this coniferous aroma is infused with a touch of smoke, tar and fire.

“Green Magic” is a metaphor for the unique ability of photosynthesis to capture energy from the sun and accumulate it in foods for all living things. It is magical that green plants can capture very tiny packets of solar energy and aggregate them into relatively huge packets of energy in the chemical bonds of food stuffs. Aggregating energy seems contrary to a fundamental law of thermodynamics that predicts that energy always becomes more dispersed – smaller packets of energy – and greater entropy.

Together, the boreal forests of Siberia and Canada cover about 10% of the planet. Canada’s boreal forest contains more than one-quarter of the world’s remaining forest. Boreal simply means northern, this forest is the most northern environment where full-size trees are able to grow. The boreal, like many ecological regions is a mosaic: land and water, uplands and lowlands. And – especially in the boreal – burns in various states of regrowth. The boreal brings to mind conifers, particularly spruce, It is about 30 percent wetlands — marshes, bogs, lakes and rivers — more freshwater than any other area on earth. Canada’s boreal forest stretches from Newfoundland to the Yukon and the world’s boreal extends on across the Bering Strait into Siberia and on west through Scandinavia to make this a virtually circumpolar ecological zone.

The boreal forest has very special values for those who have traveled and lived in it and have become linked to the natural processes of the habitat. That requires a pace and a way of life that differs drastically from the everyday lives of most of us. the sunset behind the lob-topped black spruce skyline brings a peaceful stillness to camp that is offered rarely on earth. The boreal forest still allows real solitude, real beauty and real spiritual renewal.

A dense, ever changing climate with & black spruce, jack pine, trembling aspen, poplar, birch, moss, fungi, sundew, oakmoss and carnivorous pitcher plants, this extremely diverse forest has a growth strictly promoted by fire.

This salve encompasses all trees of our wild boreal forest, from sky to bog, with a subtle smoke that reminds us, sometimes we can only grow from coming out of the other side of flames. With Canadian distilled essential oils in a poplar bud hemp oil infused base, this is true to scent and the experience of our Canadian wild Boreal forest.

Infused with wildcrafted pine resin and tar, apply liberally to extremely dry skin and to help reduce achy muscles and stiff joints. This balm is softer than most of our salves due to the pine tar, which makes for easier spreadability. Keep out of direct sunlight and heat to prevent melting.

50ml amber glass apothecary jar

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