Cacao Glow Face Serum

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Our best selling facial serum is back by popular request!

Harvested from olives, squalane oil instantly hydrates while locking in essential moisture. It balances oil production, providing just enough moisture to keep the skin clear and healthy. Squalane oil also has powerful anti-aging properties and will help the skin age gracefully as well as anti-inflammatory benefits to help with skin conditions such as acne and eczema.

The cacao bean has over 300 identifiable compounds including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytonutrients. High in magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium, beta-carotene and omega 6 fatty acids, cacao powder provides these and other nutrients so that your body and skin perform at peak levels. When applied topically, these elements can protect the skin against environmental stressors, feed the skin, and produce a healthy glow. Visibly improving texture, tone & radiance. Antioxidants deeply nourish the skin, leaving your face healthy and rejuvenated.

Rich in Vitamin A, which is known to help fight against age spots and wrinkles, rosehip oil is great for anti-aging. It’s also packed with molecules that are small enough to penetrate deep layers of the skin, improving moisture and collagen levels, while reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Clementine oil is rich in vitamin C, which can improve skin health in a number of ways. Your skin naturally contains large amounts of vitamin C, as this vitamin aids the synthesis of collagen, the protein complex that gives your skin its firmness, plumpness, and structure. Aromatic benefits of Clementine include elevation of mood and positive emotions, also helping to feel more invigorated and less anxious.

Natural Carrot Seed Oil is full of naturally-occurring beta carotene, provitamin A, vitamin E, carotenoids, tocopheryl & more. Dark patches on your skin can be caused by too much pigment (melanin), which is triggered by hormones or other causes.

Called melasma, this condition is believed to be treatable through the use of topical vitamin E. high in antioxidants & it’s effects of increasing blood circulation might be why people notice a difference in the firmness and structure of their skin after topical use of vitamin E.

Manuka honey’s antibacterial properties are what set it apart from traditional honey. Methylglyoxal is its active ingredient and likely responsible for these antibacterial effects. Additionally, manuka honey has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

Honeysuckle is rich in flavonoids and saponins, which are sources of antioxidants and protect the skin against free radicals that cause damage and signs of aging. Plus, honeysuckle is known to improve uneven skin tone and dullness. And because it’s anti-bacterial, honeysuckle can serve as a natural cleanser as well.

A very small amount goes a long way with this powerhouse serum, most people only use 1-2 drops for the entire face. Apply liberally to seal the skin as needed.

15ml amber glass apothecary dropper bottle.

Ingredients: Squalane oil, cacao bean absolute, rosehip oil, clementine oil, carrot seed oil, vitamin E oil, Manuka honey, Honeysuckle absolute.

Always consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using any herbal products, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have an existing medical condition, have allergies, or are on any medications.

This information is for educational purposes only, has not been evaluated by Health Canada, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Squalane oil, cacao bean absolute, rosehip oil, clementine oil, carrot seed oil, vitamin E oil, Manuka honey, Honeysuckle absolute.

3 reviews for Cacao Glow Face Serum

  1. Nadine McAleese

    A sample of this was included with my perfume order and it is amazing, smells divine, and really seems to be refreshing my 45 year old skin. Just ordered the full size!

  2. SammiJo Fuchs

    Got a sampler of this and I can’t wait to order more. This has made a huge difference for me. Paired with the flower balm and I’ve found my power duo.

  3. Karen

    Smells yummy and makes my face look fabulous. So happy I was given a sample with my purchase!

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