Canadian Fir Balsam Essential Oil


Balsam fir is a North American fir, native to most of eastern and central Canada (Newfoundland west to central Alberta). With a rich history in Canadian Indigenous culture, the needles of the fir were used to stuff pillows and promote restful sleep, while other parts of the tree helped in the treatment of infections. Many tribes made tea from the fir needles to relieve cold symptoms. The highly aromatic needles were also commonly burned, as the steam could relieve congestion, respiratory issues, and headaches. Writings from as far back as 1475 praised the balsam fir for healing earaches and wounds with excessive bleeding. The tree was also incorporated into dysentery treatments and was thought to improve memory, help support a healthy respiratory system, treat sore muscles and cold and flu-like symptoms. Additionally, Balsam Fir is widely used by many for its emotional balancing and soothing effects, making it a staple for using aromatherapy in mental health related treatments.

This fir balsam has a very sweet, rich, deep balsamic, evergreen aroma and a very light, clean terpenic top note like that is released from freshly crushed fir needles.

This is the fir balsam essential oil we use in our creations, specifically our mental health & pain management lines. Sustainably Canadian forest wildcrafted, small batch steam distilled.

5ml amber glass apothecary dropper bottle

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Fir Balsam ~ (Abies balsamea) pure essential oil


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