Canadian White Spruce Essential Oil


White spruce is a species of spruce native to the the snow-covered coniferous northern temperate and boreal forests in North America. Originally native from central Alaska all through the east, across southern/central Canada to the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland. It is also known as Canadian spruce, skunk spruce, cat spruce, Black Hills spruce, western white spruce, Alberta white spruce, and Porsild spruce.

Closely linked to the survival of Indigenous peoples and settlers, for centuries people of Canada have trusted this hardy tree for protection through challenging times.  Traditionally, its needles are used for inhalations and fumigations, to treat flu, pulmonary problems and cough as well as to fortify women after parturition. It was used in decoctions to treat renal problems or disinfect wounds. Abenaki people drink a decoction from the cones to cure urinary problems. The internal bark is crushed to prepare a pomade applied on the wounds. The resin is chewed as a laxative. It can also be melted and added to a body fat to make an ointment for wounds.

The needles produce a fresh, mild, piney, woodsy essential oil. An anti-inflammatory with powerful benefits to the body, especially muscles and joints.

This is the white spruce essential oil we use in our pain relief & woody creations. Sustainably Canadian forest wildcrafted, small batch steam distilled.

5ml amber glass apothecary dropper bottle

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White Spruce ~ (Picea glauca) Pure Essential Oil


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