Carnal Perfume


car┬Ěnal ~ relating to physical, especially sexual, needs and activities.

Our most sensual, lascivious perfume to date, this intoxicating blend is for those wishing to embrace their most voluptuous, libertine side.

A provocative, rousing infusion of juicy, sticky resins of benzoin, oud, amber, oakmoss, cistus, amyris, and vetiver. With a touch of stark Canadian red cedarwood, dark patchouli and canagana.

This amalgamation of aromas come together to form a kamasutra upon the flesh. A sweet yet feral aroma to entice one’s most animalistic instinct, creating an erotic, sensual fragrance of warm wet earth, worn in a safe strong place, which bears its entirely own heartbeat.

Infused with shizandra berries, this perfume has been created with traditional East Indian aphrodisiacs, and is most definitely not for the modern puritan. Allow this aroma to envelop you slowly, wrapping it’s sweet nectar around your senses.

15ml glass apothecary bottle.

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Weight 75 g
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 4 cm


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