Catnip Essential Oil


Catnip essential oil is a antispasmodic, making it useful in helping relieve muscle cramps as well as other spasm issues such as coughing. The calming aroma of catnip essential oil is strong, sweet, and herbaceous.

Used to aid in bringing about relations, catnip is known as a love herb, to make one enticing and charming. It is also used spiritually to attract happiness and good luck, as well as used in beauty and happiness spells.

This plant ally has natural relaxing and soothing properties, making it perfect to aid with sleep. It’s also used to help improve digestion, ease morning sickness, and calm the nerves. Externally catnip can be used in infusions and baths to help with the sore muscles that come with a flu or illness.

A stimulant for cats, and a calming for humans. Due to the concentrated nature of this essential oil it should not be used around our feline friends.

This is the catnip essential oil we use in all of our products, specifically our anxiety and spiritual creations. Canadian wildcrafted, steam distilled.

5ml amber glass apothecary dropper bottle

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Catnip ~ (Nepeta cataria) Pure Essential Oil


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