Clove Cigarette Perfume


Be taken back in a visceral way, straight to an 80’s goth club, night time in New Orleans or a brothel somewhere. This scent connection carries the same heat and foliage reminiscent of deep spicy clove cigarettes.

Truly dark and spicy, not a citrus clove, this is a straight up Djarum clove cigarettes aroma. Capturing the 80’s goth scene, get out your Cure albums, black eye liner, fingerless gloves and crushed velvet to bring you back to a time of deep, dark, brooding freedom for many of us!

Recommended for anyone looking for an authentic clove cigarette fragrance, that leans to the androgynous/middle of the spectrum.

NOW in a 10ml amber glass apothecary roller bottle.



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Clove, tobacco, smoke.


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