Constipation Tonic


Constipation is awful and can affect going about ones daily life in many ways.

Ease symptoms of pain, cramps and bloating, and encourage elimination with this herbal tonic, infused with 16 potent herbs used to soften the stool and promote bowel movements.

Alcohol free, the base used is apple cider vinegar.

This is a very potent tonic, starting with 1 dropper full and waiting 45 minutes is recommended. This tends to get things flowing and back on track quite quickly.

Take as needed, shaking well before use.

Not recommended for young children, people with Crohn’s, IBS or other intestinal issues. Do not use if you’re experiencing diarrhea.

This is not to be meant as a replacement for medication, this is strictly used to help reduce symptoms associated with these conditions. Always consult with your doctor prior to consuming any herbal remedies and learn the contraindications of any current conditions you may have and medication you are taking.

Please see our Piles Soothing Oil as well if hemorrhoids are an issue, as they can be commonly associated with constipation.

*Contains Juglans, which is WALNUT HUSK, this is not recommended for those with nut allergies.

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Apple cider vinegar infused with juglans, psyllium husk, ginger, licorice, bayberry, clove, oregon grape, turkey rhubarb, coriander, cinnamon, white poplar bark, boneset, gentian, cascara sagrada, bitter aloes, myrrh

*Juglans is WALNUT HUSK, this is not recommended for those with nut allergies.


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