Crone Herbal Tea


Uplifting • Soothing • Restorative

With cronehood comes transformations of energy that bursts through the flesh. This can bring physical effects such as hot flashes, depression, anxiety, anger & feelings of displacement within ourselves, social circles, family & society.

Deconstructing harmful myths that accompany aging, it’s important to authentically fully experiencing the physical & emotional bodily changes that occur. A wise anger can arise after a lifetime of suppressing the goddesses. The Crone acts according to where they find their value, not in relation to the father, lover, spouse, or child; going against all social constructs which is where we lose ourselves along the path of life. This experience can bring a rollercoaster of new emotions; this elixir has been created to help soothe the transition & bring balance to the mind, body & spirit.

Embracing the Crone makes space to go inward, bringing connection & balance of the earth & our very being. Through age, wisdom is accumulated from experience, gathered knowledge, spiritual insights & intuitive knowing. Passed down from our ancestors, it is time to hand down the power of intuition from one generation to the next and to trust one’s own wisdom.

There are a plethora of herbs that Crone’s are unable to use due to cancer treatment, estrogenic medication, MAOI’s for depression & mood stabilizing. This has been created specifically for YOU. After many years of oncology & phototherapy research, we’ve formulated this elixir to be completely safe during these treatments, as well as 100% alcohol free.

Nerve soothing, mood uplifting, anxiety calming & heart opening wildcrafted happiness plant allies of damiana, mimosa, milky oat, lemonbalm, holy basil, hawthorn berry, calamus, lavender, rose petal, lemongrass, rosemary & lemon peel; mahonia & yarrow for their skin hydrating properties & spruce tip for its immune boosting benefits.

The Crone is connected to black creatures, such as the crow, which is sacred & related to transitions. They are associated with Persephone, Demeter, Hecate, Kali, Mother Earth, Baba Yaga & traditionally known as the Hag.

Add 1tbsp to boiling water & steep for 10 mintues as needed throughout the day, not exceeding 5 doses to help fully embrace your home within your mind, body, spirit & the earth.

4oz amber glass apothecary jar.

Ingredients: damiana, mimosa, milky oat, lemonbalm, holy basil, hawthorn berry, calamus, spruce tip, lavender, rose petal, lemongrass, rosemary, mahonia, yarrow, lemon peel.

The following herbs should ALWAYS be AVOIDED during and after cancer treatment & while on hormone medication: Aletris, Alfalfa, Anise/star anise, Bitter melon, Black/blue cohosh, Chasteberry, Deer velvet, Diindolylmethane(DIM), Dong quai, Fennel, Flaxseed/hops, Ginseng (all), Guggul, Isoflavones/plant estrogens, Kudzu, Licorice (plant), Maca, Noni juice, Red clover, Red Raspberry leaf, Resveratrol, Saw palmetto, Scarlet pimpernel, Soy supplements, St. John’s wort, Wild yam, Valerian

Always consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using any herbal products, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have an existing medical condition, have allergies, or are on any medications.

This information is for educational purposes only, has not been evaluated by Health Canada, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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