Crystal Courage Collection


Limited edition prehnite crystal bracelet & courage oil.

Prehnite is the “healer of the healer” stone, which enhances precognition and inner knowing. Moreover, it shows the way towards spiritual growth. It has gentle energies, as if you are communicating with your spirit guides. While it doesn’t energetically communicate its power as strong as quartz crystals, it connects in a more compassionate and kind manner, bringing courage, mental bravery & strength to its wearer.

Courage Oil Blend ~ Kunzea is known to bring courage and strengthen both body and mind. The aroma is floral & camphorated, very specific, with a base note reminiscent of natural sweet beeswax. Kunzea & clary sage offer relief from stress, anxiety, nervous tension and mental exhaustion. Together, these can help bring relief from seasonal depression, chronic fatigue, migraines and dependencies/addiction. It takes resilience & deep bravery to work on & push through any of these. May this aroma help bring you some extra courage on your journey.

Anoint onto the bracelet, the skin, objects or sanctuary, diffuse, or add to bath water; inhale deeply, focusing on the aroma to create body, mind & spirit connection.


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