Dark Goddess Rosary


The dark goddesses are women of immense personal strength known to be both chaotic and reconstructionists. Handmade smoky rose scented black wooden beads with a jagged black pentagram, dropping down to a singular glass vial filled with our new, yet to be released Dark Goddess Spirit Oil blend.

Embracing the dark goddess and your dark side can have a very positive impact on your life. By facing our fears, being honest about our darkness and embracing or changing those aspects we keep hidden from others, and even ourselves, will rise out of our private underworld a whole and healed woman. Finding our darkness, however painful, begins our healing process. Embracing the dark goddess will not harm you if you are honest, patient, and respectful of yourself. When you open your heart and mind to embracing the dark goddess, you allow yourself permission to love the side of you that you hide not only from others but often from yourself as well.

Once you’re stripped of ego, you are reborn a stronger, wiser, more complete. Potent reminders of our inner weakness help you overcome whatever you’re battling. with immense power, but who has also gained her knowledge and her strength from her trials and dedication to her craft. Working with her can be rewarding and challenging, help heal, rebirth the soul, returning to your power & inner greatness.

The dark goddess is not to be feared, she is to be respected and revered. Created specifically for magical intent, this rosary was made to wear on the body, adorn an altar with, work with ritually or gift to someone needing to be reminded of who they are.

Dark Goddesses include: Kali, Inanna, Sekhmet, Inanna, Morrigan.


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