Datura & Copper Ink


Datura is powerful plant ally associated with the moon, lucid dreaming, astral projection and witches work. It corresponds with the planet Saturn, is a water element, is worked with fierce Hekate and is known to promote sleep, break hexes and protect both women and witches.

Copper is used as a conductor of electricity and heat, allowing the flow of a current back & forth. It can transfer energy in one direction or another in your magic, making it a powerful metal for spiritual workings. Copper is often associated with the Goddess and with the planet Venus, copper is also associated with currency, financial well being & physical healing.

Inks can be used for all manner of useful things, from drawing and artwork to the creation of sigils, writing in a journal, or engaging in other magical work.

Created ritually in one full New Moon cycle, this can be used to clarify & empower intention & new beginnings.

15ml green glass apothecary dropper bottle

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