Deluxe Limited Walpurgisnacht Oil


Walpurgisnacht: The German Night of the Witches.  Walpurgis Night can be traced all the way back to pagan festivities that celebrated the coming of Spring.  Walpurgisnacht, which falls on the eve of May 1, takes place exactly six months before Halloween, when the veil between the spirit world and ours is at its thinnest. Known as The Witches’ Sabbath in Germany,  folk songs and dancing, herbalism and rituals were manifested, celebrating Spring & rebirth around enormous bonfires in the woods, an old custom to dispel evil spirits & to drive winter spirits away.

Created when the veil between the spirit world and ours was at it’s thinnest, celebrate the dance of the witches by anointing the self, home, altar & other sacred objects for protection, to bring good luck, shed winter hibernation and for rebirth.

A powerhouse blend of wildcrafted tree bud & bark resins, sacred mugwort, damp black earth and a touch of fresh, cleansing citrus.

Each limited edition skull bottle has been infused with rowan berries & twigs from our very own protective Rowan tree.

Polished obsidian crystals have been added for extra protection; tied off with a red string, used to ward off the “Evil Eye” in esoteric tradition.

With a flying German Witch talisman imported from Germany, to remind one to always be free, flying high in their own rite, whether solo or with their coven.

VERY deluxe, ritually birthed, only 13, large 30ml skull bottles available.

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