Divine Feminine Beeswax Candles


Embracing our Divine Feminine can look like exploring the depths of emotions of sensitivity, compassion, empathy & sympathy. Embracing humor, our deepest spirit, nurturing our hearts & opening them to all forms of love, forgiving & being receptive to receiving help from others.

Open the soul to new possibilities & experiences with this blend of patchouli & vanilla, equally strong yet soft, a lovely self care experience when used prior to spiritual or psychoanalytical workings.

Created for energetic safety, shielding one from the intense, overbearing feeling of needing to only care for others; to help one nurture themselves, encourage inner softness and finally choose to receive divine love.

Rich, royal purple candles topped with sacred pink lotus, for its gentle consciousness altering effects. Lotus is believed to help promote feelings of peace and to relieve pains. It is gently warming and euphoric, and can help to enhance meditation and promote the feeling of grounding.

Limited edition, limited quantities available. You will receive one set of 2 hand rolled candles, approximately 4.5′ in length.

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