Divine Feminine Perfume

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If any human being is to reach full maturity both the masculine and feminine sides of the personality must be brought up into consciousness. – M. Esther Harding

Embracing our Divine Feminine can look like exploring the depths of emotions of sensitivity, compassion, empathy & sympathy; embracing humor, our deepest spirit, nurturing our hearts & opening them to all forms of love, forgiving & being receptive to receiving help from others.

Open the soul to new possibilities and experiences with this pure essential oil notes blend of decadent florals, healing green herbals, resin & a touch of uplifting clementine.

Created for energetic safety, shielding one from the intense, overbearing feeling of needing to only care for others; to help one nurture themselves, encourage inner softness and finally choose to receive divine love.

Apply to pulse points of the wrist as a daily perfume or anoint upon the skin prior to spiritual or psychoanalytical workings.

10ml amber glass apothecary roller bottle in a kraft brown box.


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1 review for Divine Feminine Perfume

  1. Maryse-Annik Lamoureux

    This perfume is out of this world!

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