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From the Ancient World to the Renaissance, women from ancient Egyptian times to the fifteenth century had relied on an extensive pharmacopoeia of herbal abortifacients and contraceptives to regulate fertility.

Emmenagogue (abortifacients) herbs have been used historically to promote menstruation, uterine contractions, relaxant and other abortive effects that can cause termination of pregnancy, promote uterine strength, and encourage blood flow. Women used these herbal formulas when they had no other options for dislodging the fertilized egg. These are known as “Eve’s Herbs” and are no longer used due to the advancement and availability of Western medicine, the dangers associated with using them incorrectly and the inability to obtain them. These have also been used to encourage blood flow for absent menstruation, used to reduce menopausal symptoms and to help with hormonal balance during times of change, including the menstruation moon cycle. Many folx work with these powerful plant allies for feminist magic, to embrace their own womb health on a spiritual level.

Pennyroyal, tansy, wild yam root, blue cohosh, parsley, angelica, male fern root, chaste tree berry, St.John’s wort, mugwort were the most common plants used; you’ll find these allies in corked glass vials encased in a hand carved vintage 70’s wooden floral altar box. A gorgeous femme altar piece, for a plant or historical collector, this unique collection is a must have for one’s inner feminist.

There is NOT enough plant matter in these bottles to be used internally and will not have the same medicinal effects at all. This if for collectors & spiritual use only and can not cause any of the above mentioned effects. It has no medicinal value and all plants used are legal.

Limited edition, only one available.

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