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Created during the September Harvest Full Moon & the Canadian Federal election, with a focus on deep sacred womb work.

With plant allies associated directly with the Moon & Sun, this salve is intended for an inner connection to ones womb. Emmenagogue (abortifacient) herbs have been used historically to promote menstruation, uterine contractions, relaxant and other abortive effects that can cause termination of pregnancy, promote uterine strength, and encourage blood flow. Women used these herbal formulas when they had no other options for dislodging the fertilized egg. These are known as “Eve’s Herbs”, recipes passed down through bloodlines between women, often not found in current herbal medical books. These have also been used to encourage blood flow for absent menstruation, used to reduce menopausal symptoms and to help with hormonal balance during times of change, including the menstruation moon cycle.

A herbal infusion of wildcrafted marigold & mugwort, to use before and/or after a procedure where one may need skin soothing & repairing, mental strength, connection, closure, and a form of spiritual release.  This includes abortion, biopsy, hysterectomy, gender affirming surgery (“MTF”) and other physical trauma the womb has endured.

Marigold is a plant ally of the Sun & has been highly valued by herbal healers of centuries. Albertus Magnus, one of the foremost alchemists of the 13th century wrote that marigold, being of the Sun, is alteration/change & the marvelous virtue of the flower shall bring “no man being able to have a word to speak against the bearer thereof, but words of peace”. During the American Civil War and World War I, marigolds were used to prevent wounds from getting infected. The blooms were made into either a poultice or infused into oils for application to the wounds. Used to heal wounds, cuts, scrapes, lacerations, small infections of the skin, scratches, and scars, stop bleeding with its astringent actions, its anti-bacterial actions combat infection and promote healthy tissue growth. A natural anti-inflammatory, reducing swelling and irritation, soothing the treated areas. In the realm of magic, marigolds were endowed with many wondrous powers. Those who wanted to converse with fairies, for example, would grow or carry marigolds. To see marigolds in a dream was believed to foretell the dreamer of a forthcoming windfall of gold. People also draped garlands of marigolds above the main entrance to their homes to protect themselves from evil forces. During Victorian times, an era when words were often left unspoken, marigolds signified grief. Sending a marigold bouquet to people you trusted made them aware of your sorrow. Culpepper spoke of marigolds as a comforter of the heart and spirits, and to “expel any malignant or pestilential quality which might annoy them”.

Named after the Moon Goddess Artemis (Artemisia vulgaris) & the beautiful silvery glow of the underside of the leaves appear to be permanently charged with moonlight, mugwort smells incredibly pungent with a sage-like aroma, mixed with an earthy richness that uplifts, and sparks the spirit. Well known for its ability to warm & circulate energy throughout the body, mugwort is used for breaking up congestion & stagnation while it gently stimulates the nervous system. Its ability to  increase circulation & reduce tension makes it a highly valuable plant ally. It’s been used as a nervine since time immoral,  having indications for shaking, nervousness, anxiousness and insomnia. Some consider it able to give one a clearer view on life and impart a deeper sense of peace. Known as a psychic/lunar herb, mugwort is said to enhance divination & is purported to have protective properties. In European folklore, mugwort shields against injury, fatigue, and poisons. Romans would put this herb on their shoes to ward off fatigue on long journeys, while German women would tie a bundle to their left thigh during birthing or abortion procedures. In the middle ages, mugwort was known as “the mother herb” for its “curing of female ailments”. A number of early German herbals (usually published anonymously) contained a plethora of information on this powerful plant ally, “expelling all sickness that lurked in the womb”.

Not only can this be used for it’s skin deep healing affects upon physical trauma & scars, it can be worked with spiritually by anointing the womb area and breasts externally, while focusing on ones womb strength, power, and abilities. Use it however you see fit, and try to speak words you need to get out. The hope is that this will help bring closure, strength, womb wisdom, and whatever else one associates with their womb to those who need it.

30ml amber glass apothecary jar

For further reading please see “Eve’s Herbs” & Contraception from the Ancient World to the Renaissance”, both by John M. Riddle

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Marigold, mugwort, hemp oil, vitamin C, beeswax


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