Eve Womb Spirit Oil


Created on Walpurgisnacht, the night of the witches, with a focus on deep sacred womb work. They may try and take ownership our wombs, but they are ignorant to our resilience.

With plant allies associated directly with the Moon & Sun, this essential oil blend is intended for an inner connection to ones womb. Emmenagogue (abortifacient) herbs have been used historically to promote menstruation, uterine contractions, relaxant and other abortive effects that can cause termination of pregnancy, promote uterine strength, and encourage blood flow. Women used these herbal formulas when they had no other options for dislodging the fertilized egg. These are known as “Eve’s Herbs”, recipes passed down through bloodlines between women, often not found in current herbal medical books. These have also been used to encourage blood flow for absent menstruation, used to reduce menopausal symptoms and to help with hormonal balance during times of change, including the menstruation moon cycle.

An infusion of marigold, mugwort, pennyroyal, carrot seed, juniper berry, tansy, hops, vitex, hyssop, rue, marjoram, black pepper & clary sage for their empowering, releasing & clarifying effects to use before and/or after a procedure where one may need mental strength, connection, closure, and a form of spiritual release.  This includes abortion, biopsy, hysterectomy, gender affirming surgery (“MTF”) and other physical trauma the womb has endured.

A number of early German herbals (usually published anonymously) contained a plethora of information on these powerful plant allies, used for “curing of female ailments” & “expelling all sickness that lurked in the womb”. This “sickness” historically included hysteria, pregnancy, cross dressing, rape, stillbirth, tumors, anything that ailed a woman. In the times before Morgentaler, Stonewall & folx feeling safe helping with herbals, these secret remedies were all that women had to help with their symptoms.

Black Onyx is strength giving, providing support in difficult or confusing circumstances or during times of tremendous mental or physical stress. It can help with lesson learning, self confidence and keeping you at ease in your surroundings. It also acts as a defense against any surrounding negativity, bringing one strength and self-confidence & feelings of warmth and peace.

This can be worked with spiritually by anointing the womb area and breasts externally, while focusing on ones womb strength, power, and abilities. Anoint a candle with this, or use it however you see fit, and try to speak words you need to get out. The hope is that this will help bring closure, strength, womb wisdom, and whatever else one associates with their womb to those who need it.

Use ritually to anoint oneself, candles and other objects, or add to bath water.

NOW in a15ml rectangle clear glass apothecary bottle, naturally dyed with plant matter, infused with crystals & eco glitter.

Always consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using any herbal products, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have an existing medical condition, have allergies, or are on any medications.

This information is for educational purposes only, has not been evaluated by Health Canada, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


For further reading please see “Eve’s Herbs” & Contraception from the Ancient World to the Renaissance”, both by John M. Riddle


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Marigold, mugwort, pennyroyal, carrot seed, juniper berry, tansy, hops, vitex, hyssop, rue, marjoram, black pepper & clary sage essential oils in a hemp oil carrier base.


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