Feral 45 Perfume (#45)


By hugely popular request, I’ve packaged the remaining bottles of this perfume! NOT available in person and very limited availability. Thank you for loving my bespoke birthday blend so much!!

✨Life has been full of excruciating pain, tragedy, trauma, setbacks, deep grief, sadness, loss & anxiety. I’ve experienced the absolute depths of darkness, hurt by wild animals, tangled in great messes. I’ve clawed my way through the mud every single time.

✨Life has also been full of the most intense exploding love, abundance, health, freedom, release, protection & purest of joy. I’ve experienced mama bear protectiveness for my child, had intoxicating romances, breathed the crispest forests, swam naked in the sharpest cold waves. I’ve deeply embraced all of these experiences barefoot & open armed.

✨Feral ~ (Adj.) of, relating to, or suggestive of a wild beast; not domesticated or cultivated; having escaped from domestication and become wild.

✨Welcome to my newest signature scent, perfume #45, birthed from my life experiences.

✨It begins with a base of wildcrafted salty Pacific ocean seaweed, sweet Alberta sticky poplar bud, protective green mugwort & juicy rosemary grown in my personal Witches garden.

✨It explodes with layers of gorgeous rare resins imported from India from small harvesters, deep dark aged patchouli & black earthy vetiver.

✨There is a crisp, cold forest of mountainal silver fir, which is met with the warming embrace of petitgrain.

✨Landing upon a harsh & firm boundary of skunk essence with succulently sexy muskrat musk softening the blow.

✨It is bestial, brutal, and brutish. It is pure sexual awareness. It is all enveloping & fiercely protective. It is a beautifully glorious swampy mess. It is a Bog Witch & it is a Warrior.

✨I am beyond blessed to say that at the end of the day, my feral life has taken me far. I am free, I am feral, I am 45.

There are over 45 ingredients in this bottle, be sure to SHAKE WELL prior to applying.

*This is NOT vegan. These animals were trapped by Turtle Island Indigenous folks, using traditional methods, for their fur. Much of this material goes to waste; offering these essences to perfumers is a way to help reduce this waste while maintaining the tradition of use of the entire animal. Please note that these are purchased with money paid to them with an abundance of gratitude.

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