Fire Cider Tea


A modern twist on any herbalists staple list, this fire cider herbal tea is a wonderful alternative for those who cannot get down the traditional vinegar or alcohol base.

Fire cider is a spicy remedy used to prevent and treat colds by boosting the immune system, improving blood circulation and digestion, among other benefits.

Apple cider vinegar and turmeric both carry strong anti-inflammatory effects, helping with arthritis, acts as an anti-depressant & improves brain function.

This deliciously potent, traditional remedy consists of turmeric, horseradish, astragalus, onion, garlic, ginger, lemon, orange, clove, chili pepper & black pepper.

Drink as any loose tea; adding 1tsp daily for prevention, to maintain wellness, and 3 cups per day at onset of illness.

4oz amber glass apothecary bottle

AVOID DURING PREGNANCY. This is not to be meant as a replacement for medication, this is strictly used to help with these symptoms. Always consult with your doctor prior to consuming any herbal remedies and learn the contraindications of any current conditions you may have and medication you are taking.

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