Forest Bathing Mala & Oil


Triple knotted volcanic stone mala with forest green thread. This mala has been created with the intent to mediate and invoke the forest when one is unable to be present in one.

Forest bathing is our absolute favorite self care ritual, however not always possible due to weather and life commitments.

Bring the energy and spirit of the woods into your home with this blend of wildcrafted cedar, oakmoss and other organic essential oils; with a touch of patchouli to bring you the truest aroma of damp forest floor.

A little goes a long way, add 1-2 drops of oil to scent this mala with the aroma of a dreamy wet forest!

Cedar~ also called arbor vitae [Latin, “tree of life”]
One of the things the Canada is known internationally for is the unbelievable old growth cedar. Abundant & glowing green, there are many areas where one can look up to the sky and see cedar almost touching the stars. This oil blend is inspired by the trees surrounding us daily.

Medicinal Uses: respiratory issues, anxiety, diabetes, insomnia, disinfectant
Magical Uses: protection, energy purifier, balance, healing, grounding

This oil can be diffused, inhaled, added to bath or applied directly to the skin.

Includes a tree agate stone, used to connect oneself deeper to the earth; to feel rooted & grounded, relieve exhaustion and to increase a feeling of inner strength & stability.

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