Forest Facial Balm


Created for severely dry skin, this plant based facial salve consists of deeply nourishing, hydrating and reparative plant allies & oils used to repair & rehydrate damaged, cracked skin.

Bark is similar in many ways to our own skin and is essential for a tree’s survival. Just like tree bark, our skin is also our largest organ system, with its purpose being protection, a habitat & as food for our other body systems, all the way down to our roots.

Pine needle has been used in traditional medicine for centuries as an antimicrobial, similar to tea tree oil but with a more clarifying, uplifting aroma. It’s used to protect the skin from ultraviolet exposure, reduce hyper-pigmentation, for its naturally occurring antioxidants which replaces old cells with new healthy cells, leaving healthier & fresher looking skin. Pine has a high level of collagen which helps to improve wrinkles and sagging skin, minimizes pore size, and firms and tones the skin. Piñon pine, known as the trees lifeline & blood (the resin) is highly revered & considered beneficial for wound healing, for warming a localized area which increases circulation. An extremely effective antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, stimulating & analgesic powerhouse plant ally, it is used universally to help ease symptoms of inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, and rosacea. Pine also enlightens the skin & mind by soothing & comforting the nervous system! The aroma and consistency of this balm is a creamy dream & an absolute skin saver for those with very dry skin & other conditions affecting the facial area.

Apply liberally to the face, postpartum to restore skin’s natural balance, upon waking if experiencing extremely dry, flaky skin and before bed.  For a wonderful deeper hydration, apply our Forest Facial serum overtop, which is used to seal this, further extending it’s benefits.

100% Nut Free & synthetic free ingredients.

50ml amber glass apothecary jar.

Avoid use if allergic to pine needle.

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Wildcrafted pine piñon & needles infused in unrefined organic hemp oil, dark beeswax from our local apiary, essential oils.


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