Forest Facial Wash


Created for severely dry skin, this plant based facial wash consists of deeply nourishing, hydrating and reparative plant allies & oils used to repair & rehydrate damaged, cracked skin.

Bark is similar in many ways to our own skin and is essential for a tree’s survival. Just like tree bark, our skin is also our largest organ system,  with its purpose being protection, a habitat & as food for our other body systems, all the way down to our roots.

In ancient folklore, the oak was known as the most sacred of all plants. Oak bark is known to have many health-promoting properties, including up to 20% tannins. It’s been used to treat a wide range of maladies in herbal medicine due to its strong astringent properties, making it widely used for treating infections & almost all conditions of the skin. A substance with naturally occurring painkilling properties, its astringing causes the constriction of cells and body tissues to help treat abrasions and contains purifying and detoxifying effects due to its depurative nature. Spruce hemlock & white spruce are used to fight bacterial infections, reduce inflammation, improve circulation &  naturally nourish both the skin and the mind.

Best used on very dry skin, during winter months & postpartum to restore skin’s natural balance. Developed for sensitive, combination & oily skin, this wash can be used as needed.

For a wonderful deeper hydration, follow with our Forest Facial toner & serum, which are used to seal this, further extending its benefits.

100% Vegan, Nut Free & synthetic free ingredients.

50ml amber glass apothecary dropper bottle

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Saponified olive oil, distilled water, infused wildcrafted oak bark, essential oils.


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