Forest Witch Bubble Bath


The forest is an enchanting, mysterious place full of riddles, spirits and adventure. Forest Witches are drawn to the deep, darkness, the strength and power of ancient redwoods, the moss & fungi bursting from the soil. The Forest Witch has a deep need to experience all of their senses, usually barefoot, while the forest whispers to them.

Allow this aroma of conifers, evergreens, needles, moss, damp bark & wet soil to completely envelop your Spirit.

Slowly pour a small amount under warm running bath water; inhale deeply, focusing on the scent, submerge & soak for a minimum of 15 minutes for a most decadent enveloping bathing experience.

Inspired by the magical old growth forests of Western Turtle Island. Take a walk through the forest and find what magic awaits!

XL 8oz amber glass apothecary bottle


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