Gender Neutral Genital Cleanse


We take such great care of our bodies, our genitals should be no different!

To cleanse the external area after overuse, sweating, post surgery (including gender reassignment), during menses & ovulation or foreskin separation, post childbirth and to reduce odor caused by bacterial growth.

A herbal infusion of comfrey, calendula, slippery elm bark and plantain in an organic apple cider vinegar and distilled water base.

This plant based natural rinse brings immediate relief of itching, quickly reduces odors & inflammation, works as a natural disinfectant and has a cooling effect.

Simply apply to a cloth or cotton ball and wipe the area externally as needed.

For external use only. Genitals should never be washed with anything other than cold water unless otherwise indicated by your doctor.  Consult your physician prior to applying to open wounds or sores.


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comfrey, calendula, slippery elm bark, plantain, organic apple cider vinegar, distilled water

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