German Back Comfort Devil’s Claw Bath Oil


Kneipp Relaxing Bath Essence Back Comfort Devil’s Claw Bath Oil

Essential Oils that Soothes, Warms & Reactivates the Back Pain The back is a delicate and sensitive body area. With a strong concentration of active ingredient, the health bath  loosens the areas of the neck and back deep down and relaxes and promotes blood circulation. Enjoy all the power of the natural healing powers.

Made with ultra-powerful Devil’s Claw Extract and natural essential Cajeput Oil, specially formulated back comfort bath oil works together with the effects of warm water to soothe and release tension in the back and neck areas as you soak. The deep red water brings warmth and energy to help you find relief faster.  These highly-concentrated bath oils are made to transform your bath experience with just one capful. Offering a more potent dose of essential oils to provide an intensified aromatherapy experience, our hand-selected powerful botanicals are blended with colors to create a highly sensorial and truly therapeutic effect.

Kneipp Gesundheitsbad Ruecken Wohl 100ml Product of Germany

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