German Bath Salts for Back, Neck & Shoulder Muscle Aches


Tetesept  with Juniper, Wintergreen, Ginger & Rosemary Essential Oils

Tetesept Back & Shoulder Sea Salt Bath (Meeressalz Rucken & Schulter, in German) is a special bath additive based on healthy sea salt to promote well-being for back, shoulder and neck complaints. It contains a special combination of natural essential oils from juniper, wintergreen and coriander, supplemented by ginger root. Feel the relaxing and warming effect of the proven medicinal plants on your back, shoulder and neck. Tensions are released, the feeling of pain subsides. The natural post-heating effect noticeably increases well-being. Skin-healthy, 100% natural sea salt with minerals nourishes the skin in a natural way.
Use: Pour tetesept sea salt to the incoming bath water and enjoy your bath for 10–20 minutes. Rinse the bath with hot water after use, to remove product residues.

Tetesept Meeressalz Rücken & Schulter mit ätherischen Ölen aus Wacholder, Wintergrün, Ingwer & Rosmarin 80g Product of Germany

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