German Pain Foot and Leg Cream with Red Vine Leaves & Horse Chestnut Extracts


A remedy for aching legs & feet and throbbing varicose veins that helps ease problems related to poor circulation, reduce swelling, lessens feelings of tiredness & heaviness in legs & relieves pain & discomfort.

A natural remedy containing herbal extracts with vein-protective, anti-oedema and antioxidant effects. Regular use of the cream helps reduce swelling and remove feelings of fatigue and heaviness in the legs & feet. Contains active extracts of HORSE CHESTNUT and RED VINE LEAVES. The active ingredients in HORSE CHESTNUT appear to be a complex of related chemicals known collectively as aescin. Aescin reduces the rate of fluid leakage from stressed and irritated vessel walls It is thought that aescin plugs leaking capillaries and prevents the release of enzymes that break down collagen and open holes in capillary walls and that it forestalls other forms of vein damage. VINE LEAF EXTRACT is effective in reducing oedema, (the swelling caused by fluid retention or excess fluid trapped in the body’s tissues), as well as improving pain and other symptoms. Red Vine Leaves contain flavonoids, which are crucial for keeping capillary walls healthy. Flavonoids are also known to be anti-inflammatory, antihistaminic and antiviral.

TO USE THE CREAM: Apply with gentle massage twice a day. Always massage legs & feet from the bottom in upwards movements, to stimulate blood circulation and reduce the load on the veins. Please be aware that the product cannot cure unsightly varicose veins that already exist, or prevent new ones from developing. Conventional medical treatment of venous insufficiency consists mainly of reducing weight, elevating the legs, and wearing elastic support hose.

Kräuterhof Creme mit rotem Weinlaub 250ml Product of Germany

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