Goddess Pendant & Oil


Abalone shell is believed to carry within it healing energies of protection, emotional balance, tranquility and the ability to withstand any storms.

Nurture the Goddess within with this hand carved natural abalone shell set in 925 silver. With an essential oil blend of florals, citrus, resin and rosewood to bring stability, honor, strength and inner calm. This oil can also be used during puberty, pms, and menopause to help create inner harmony during hormonal times.

Anoint the pendant, the feet, hands, heart, breasts and womb as a reminder of the celestial, visceral being within your skin, focusing on gratitude, power and courage. Then show up, be brave, be daring, and offer no apologies for who you are.

Please specify at check out if you’d prefer iridescent ivory or purple/grey, or one will be chosen for you!

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