Golden Glitter Chai Tea


A traditional pumpkin spice aroma with a magical intent to envelop the senses, creating a veil which warms & comforts every inch of your being.

Autumnal deliciously warm blast of spices of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger & clove, with black tea slowly swirled in vegan edible gold dust.

These spices are magically used for soul soothing, healing, love, prosperity & sanctification.

Simply add 1 teaspoon to boiling water as you would any loose tea to bring comfort & warmth to the very core during the cooler months of the year, drawing fire to the spirit & helping communicate between otherworldly veils.

Focus on the intimate aroma & flavour to instill a deep connection with the season, bringing the scent of the Harvest into your life. A stunning aroma that boosts the mood instantly. Welcome, Autumn!

SEASONAL ~ Limited edition, limited quantities available.

4oz amber glass traditional apothecary bottle.

Ingredients: black tea, spices, edible gold dust.



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