Good Riddance 2020 Oil


Our yearly good riddance oil is more potent than ever this year, understandably so!

Created with plant allies long associated with wisdom, suitable for meditation and visualization, this helps to cleanse the body, mind & spirit from negative energy, let go of the negative patterns, and protect us from the influence of negative energy. Known as protectors against evil spirits, and to avert the evil eye, these are very powerful psychic protector & believed in medieval times to keep away evil spirits. These help to awaken our spiritual consciousness & develop psychic abilities.

Infused with Petrified Wood, a stone that is incredible for grounding and stabilizing one’s emotions and calming fears. It helps one be practical, stay focused, and helps one to set a pace for themselves, allowing one to follow with the flow and cycles of life.

Excellent to diffuse in a room or space where tensed energy from conflict, argument or fight is present, or in general is felt as a negative energy. A very powerful oil to cleanse our energy body, our aura, our home, altar, crystals & all sacred spaces from all type of negative energy. It helps to create a barrier from psychic negative energy attacks and influences. Also a very good oil to be used by highly intuitive people and by empaths, who can feel the energy and emotions of other people and be influenced by it easily.

5ml amber glass apothecary dropper bottle

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