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One of the languages of the soul, color is all around us everywhere. With an ancient, long history, records indicate that color therapy was once practiced in ancient Egypt, Greece, China, and India. Also known as chromotherapy, color therapy is based on the idea that color can help treat physical or mental health. Colors create an electrical impulse in our brain, which stimulates hormonal and biochemical processes in our body which in turn either stimulate or calm us. Colour is absorbed by the eyes, skin, skull and our ‘magnetic energy field’ or aura.

We attach them to many different feelings, memories & meanings which can then become a feature in our subconscious. We can build up prejudices to colours which have happy, sad, or frightening connotations for us. Color can be a helpful aid to finding possible problems and working with the appropriate color to help to dispel negative feelings, free blocks and re-balance the body emotionally, spiritually and, in turn, physically.

Physically, green holds both an energizing effect and a moderating or soothing effect. It stimulates growth & rejuvenation, affects blood pressure and all conditions of the heart. Green is used to cleanse & purify germs, bacteria and rotting material. It aids in harmonizing digestion, the stomach, liver & gallbladder with a healing effect on kidneys. It increases immunity, builds up muscles, bones and tissues, stimulates inner peace & strengthens the nervous system.

Spiritually, green links with and stimulates the heart chakra. An earth element, green is associated with nature, fertility, growth, rejuvenation, recovering, healing, harvest & abundance, prosperity, harmony, balance, peace, hope, mother earth, home, herbal magic, plants & animals, and to counteract greed &  jealousy.

Green brings peace, rest, hope, comfort and nurturing, calmness and harmony. Those with an interest in nature, plants, children, animals, health & healing, a deep longing for a safe home and family life, a desire to live a natural & simple life, with a dislike of conflict tend to be drawn to green.

A person who has an aversion to green may be more interested in independence and self-development than in a warm family-life. They may also prefer to keep a certain distance in (sexual) relationships.

This oil is dyed green naturally with plant allies of evergreens, vetiver, rosemary & eucalyptus; each bottle individually infused with wildcrafted cedar leaf in an unrefined organic hemp oil base to help infuse your spirit with vitality.

Massage, anoint onto the self & objects, add to bath water as needed; inhale deeply, focusing on the deep natural color & aroma.

100% Vegan, synthetic and nut free, wildcrafted and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Limited edition 30ml clear glass apothecary treatment bottle. Created during the February’s full snow moon, which represents the second chapter of the new year. It represents a time to come out of our rest and hibernation, a time where our intentions for the year begin to manifest and with it a new season (spring) of change.

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Evergreens, vetiver, rosemary & eucalyptus essential oils, wildcrafted cedar leaf, unrefined organic hemp oil


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