Hail Lilith Beeswax Candle Set


In a world full of Eves, I stand with women who wear serpents around their hips and paradise between their legs.” ~ Pavana
Lilith is connected with snakes from the beginning. In fact, many people believe she is the serpent which convinced Eve to take a bite of the apple. Since then, Lilith has often shown herself by shapeshifting into a snake.
Harness the power of this dark goddess to help tap into inner anger, heal sexual trauma, embrace ones inner succubus & rule your own world, on your own terms.
To embrace our grey, invoke our light and darkness equally, creating inner balance. Lilith as serpent be a viewed as a harbinger of change and as symbol for transformation. Work with these ritually created candles, wrapped in sustainable obtained snake skin, to shed various skins, facing fear, shame and guilt that needs to be healed in order to become ones true self. To embrace ones inner succubus, balancing purity with delight.
Rolled in cinnamon, sandalwood & other plant allies associated with Lilith, to embrace ones inner succubus, balancing purity with delight. Created specifically for magical intent, these were made to burn, adorn an altar with, work with ritually or gift to someone needing the reminder to embrace their inner Lilith.

Limited edition, limited quantities available. You will receive one set of 2 candles, approximately 4.5′ in length.

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