Hand Dipped Rowan Candle


Rowan’s name derives from the German verb “to redden” due to the color of its berries. But it is known most commonly as Mountain Ash because its leaves resemble those of Ash. However, Rowans are part of the family Rosaceae, and the same as roses, and its fruit appear similar to small rose hips.

Due to the conditions in which they grow, the Rowan tree represents tenacity. The only berry with a naturally occurring pentagram, they have been used for protection and strength for many centuries.

Also known as a witches tree, Rowan is associated with luck, protection, good health and warding off evil spirits. In meditation, Rowan is helpful with clearing the mind, opening inspiration, attuning us to nature, broadening perspectives, and making room for a deeper understanding of our place here in the universe.

An infusion of soy, rice and beeswax, naturally dyed with oak gall, slowly dipped & rolled in Rowan leaf & berries. These rowans have been wildcrafted from my own personal tree, where most of my spiritual work is created.

This candle can be burned in a new or sacred space, for protection during scrying or shadow work, during the full moon or anytime one is wanting to manifest & work with its properties. It can also be simply displayed upon an altar or gifted to someone who needs its magic.

Small batch made, very limited quantities available.

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