Hel Mist


In Norse mythology, Hel is the queen of the realm of the dead. Her appearance is described as being half flesh-colored, just like a living human being and half blue. Her personality traits are described as threatening, harsh, and cruel. The Old Norse word Hel, which in Old English is Hell, derives from the Indo-European word Kel. Therefore, both of the words can be translated into “hide” or “cover” in modern English.

This absolutely devastating mist was created for those who just want to run their errands, take public transportation, walk alone, go to a restaurant, do ANYTHING alone in public but are talked to, harassed, followed, all of the awfulness that comes with that.

Embrace your inner Hel & rule your space with this infusion of sharp spices used in traditional Witchcraft for cursing, burning flames, blood of orange, settling into a touch of coldness. Create a shielding boundary by misting into the hair, on the body, around doors & windows or in any space you want to claim and have complete power over, cloaking oneself in Hel’s threatening, harsh cruelness.

50ml amber glass apothecary spray bottle


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