Herbal Bath Tea


Since the skin is the largest organ in the body, a tea bath allows the body to absorb the botanicals and its beneficial nutrients much quicker than you could obtain by drinking tea. Using tea in your bath can help to infuse your bathwater with antioxidants while also reducing inflammation and helping to balance your skin.

Amazing for use during the cold winter months, plant allies of rose, chamomile, juniper, rosemary, lavender and spearmint are used here to help reduce stress, detoxify the skin, promote wound healing, help the skin fight free radicals and sun damage & can decrease the symptoms of psoriasis caused by dry winter skin while reducing inflammation in general.

Encased in a natural, unbleached muslin bag, simply hang the pouch over the spout while your tub fills with hot water. When the tub is full, take the pouch off and let it float with you, continuing to steep in the bath water. Climb in and soak your worries away; some folx enjoy gently scrubbing the skin with the bag to help exfoliate and nourish deeper.

The first time you use the herbal tea bath bag, it will be the most potent. However, you can reuse the herbal bath bags if you hang the bag of wet herbs up to dry and let completely dry in between baths.

You will receive one 4×6 muslin bag.

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