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Canadian fleabane is an annual plant growing in every Canadian province, except for Newfoundland. With a naturally spicy aroma, both green and earthy this potent plant ally has been used for centuries for gout & hemorrhoids.

Fleabane acts as an astringent and has a styptic influence which is why it is good for local application for hemorrhoids and small wound bleeds. As a natural anti-inflammatory, fleabane has been successful used to help relieve symptoms of gout flare ups.

Dr. Nicholas Culpeper, English botanist, herbalist, physician, astrologer, 1616-1654, refers to this plant often in his writings. He states that, “The herb being spread under foot and smoked in any place, will drive away venomous creatures and will kill and destroy fleas and gnats. An ointment of the root and leaves is used with success for the itch.”

This is a simple salve with wildcrafted fleabane, unrefined organic hemp oil and dark beeswax from our local apiary. For external use only, apply to the feet or rectum as needed to help soothe itch, dryness & inflammation.

Avoid during pregnancy or if allergic to ragweed, daisies, and related plants.

30ml amber glass apothecary jar

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fleabane, hemp oil, beeswax


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