Hibernate Soy Candle


Just as the spiniest chestnut-burr
Is lined within with the finest fur,
So the stoney-walled, snow-roofed house
Of every squirrel and mole and mouse
Is lined with thistledown, sea-gull’s feather,
Velvet mullein-leaf, heaped together
With balsam and juniper, dry and curled,
Sweeter than anything else in the world.

O what a warm and darksome nest
Where the wildest things are hidden to rest!
It’s there that I’d love to lie and sleep,
Soft, soft, soft, and deep, deep, deep!

Winters Sleep ~ Elinor Wylie

In hibernation, the body temperature is lowered and breathing and heart rates slow down. An inactive state resembling deep sleep in which certain animals living in cold climates pass the winter, we too dream of a beautiful wintersleep.

Cloak yourself deep in an evergreen forest cabin with this soothing aroma of winter woods. Allow the pines, cedars, junipers & firs to completely envelop the spirit, bringing comfort and warmth at the coldest time of the year. In a hand poured warm soy wax base, ignite for a cabin in the woods experience.

Limited edition 100ml green glass apothecary jar bottle

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 cm


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