Honeysuckle Absolute (essential) Oil


Honeysuckle is an, almost thick sort of scent, but it’s fruity and warm with hints of honey and ripe citrus.is an intensely sweet, rich floral, heavy, and practically a perfume by itself. It has fragrance day and night but exudes its scent most powerfully during the evening.

This absolute may be particularly helpful for inflammatory conditions, split ends, hair loss, skin irritation, wrinkles, headaches, diabetes, chronic diseases, pain, anxiety, stress or depression.  Apply the oil to your temples, for calming and rapid relief from your throbbing headache. Honeysuckle has long been known as an analgesic, dating back to its use in Chinese traditional medicine.

This is the honeysuckle absolute we use in all of our products, specifically our higher end perfumes and Beltaine creations. Derived from the dried flower petals of Honeysuckle through the solvent extraction method, making this an absolute as opposed to an “essential” oil. This is a 5% ratio in a carrier oil

5ml amber glass apothecary dropper bottle

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Honeysuckle Absolute ~ Lonicera caprifolium pure absolute (essential) oil

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