Immune System Boost Tonic


To maintain and boost immune system health and reduce symptoms of colds, flu & sore throats, this is a delicious way to add a vitality to your daily routine.

Elderberries have been used for healing for centuries for good reason! They are packed with antioxidants and vitamins; over the centuries, elderberry has been used to treat colds, flu, fever, burns, cuts, and more than 70 other maladies, from toothache to the plague. In the 17th century, John Evelyn, a British researcher, declared, “If the medicinal properties of its leaves, bark, and berries were fully known, I cannot tell what our countryman could ail for which he might not fetch a remedy (from the elderberry), either for sickness or wounds.” Research has shown that the anthocyanins in elderberries boost the production of cytokines – proteins that act as messengers within the immune system – thereby enhancing the body’s immune response.

Chaga is known as The Mushroom of Immortality. Prescribed for centuries by indigenous and Chinese healers, this medicinal tree mushroom grows on birch trees in the northern areas of the planet. With more antioxidants than green tea, cocao, acai berry, wild blueberry, pomegranate, goji berry, and noni fruit combined. One half teaspoon of chaga has more healing properties than 3 pounds of goji berries. Chaga’s massive antioxidant properties help slow the aging process and fight free radicals that cause disease and illness. It’s an adaptogen, which helps the body deal with stress and can dramatically lower high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Regular use has shown to reduce and eliminate viral infections, while boosting immunity, energy, and general well-being. Wildcrafted in the Alberta Boreal forest, this chaga is blended with anther potent adaptogen of reishi mushroom.

With wild harvested and sustainably obtained ingredients of plant allies of ginger, cinnamon, rosehip, clove and rosemary for their immune system restorative properties.  These are slowly infused and warmed to draw out the plant allies full healing potential, vodka is stirred in as a natural preservative and to further draw out the plants’ medicine, lastly local dark honey is added for it’s soothing, healing & sweetening effects. This is a long process of a root to bottle folk remedy that truly has endless healing benefits.

Shake well before use. Take 1 dropper full daily to maintain wellness, 3 droppers per day at onset of illness.

50ml amber glass apothecary dropper bottle

This is not to be meant as a replacement for medication, this is strictly used to help reduce symptoms associated with these conditions. Always consult with your doctor prior to consuming any herbal remedies and learn the contraindications of any current conditions you may have and medication you are taking.


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Elderberry, chaga & reishi mushroom, rosehip, ginger, clove, cinnamon, rosemary, distilled water, vodka, local apiary honey.

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