Lilith Spirit Oil


Created during the thirteenth lunation of the year, the cold moon, the LAST of the decade.

To embrace our grey, invoke our light and darkness equally, creating inner balance.

Work with this oil to face fear, shame, and guilt that needs to be healed in order to become ones true self. To embrace ones inner succubus, balancing purity with delight.

An intoxicating, powerful blend of ceremonial smoke, funerary lilac and rose, enlightening citrus, protective spice, and seductive resin. Infused with mugwort for intuition and lucidity and lily flower, traditionally used to cover the scent of death.

Created specifically for magical intent, it can be used ritually to anoint oneself, candles and other objects, be diffused, worn as perfume or added to bath water.

15ml glass apothecary bottle

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smoke, lilac, rose, citrus, spice, resin


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