Lucid Dream Bath Salts


Created after years of research into traditionally used plant allies worked with and respected for thousands of years to enhance intuition, awareness & lucid dreaming while provoking deep meditation and third eye function.

Also know as “Plants of the Gods”, these heavenly spirit herbs are also known as “The Flying Herbs”. It’s believed that these plants help one fly through the universe at night, achieving magnificent dreams.  The wisdom schools of ancient China placed much value on dream work, namely lucid dreaming. In Chinese folk medicine, it is believed that these herbs have a direct and positive effect on the heart energy, dissolving the dualities that come with our physical incarnation – black and white, left and right, inside and out. This allows our consciousness to blossom into infinite space while we sleep.

Very common throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, these have a rich history of use, both as medicinal and esoteric plant allies.  In the middle ages, some of these were known as Cingulum Sancti Johannis, because Saint John the Baptist famously wore a belt of it whenever he traveled through the woods.  Referenced often in Celtic and Norse mythology as magical plants that can ward off evil, and was hung in doorways and burnt as incense to clear stagnant air and prevent illness. Often smoked in Indigenous and other Shamanic ceremonies, these are hailed by various tribes internationally for their power to ward off evil, bad spirits, and disease. Known for their dream-enhancing effects, many report that these magnify the brilliance of color and overall duration of their mid-slumber journeys.

For sleep or ritual, this heady, succulent herbal blend of mugwort, vetiver, dragonsblood, pink & blue lotus flower, palo santo, oud, hops, neroli & clary sage and clary sage are used to invoke vivid & lucid dreams, encourage visions & astral projection, gazing, journey work, trance and transcending while reducing insomnia and producing a meditative state. For complete mind and muscle relaxation, with our herbal blend of blue lotus flower, sweet gale leaf, mugwort, Indian sarsaparilla, muna, wild lettuce, wild asparagus root, wormwood, lavender flower, chamomile, holy basil, life everlasting flower, linden leaf & flower, California poppy flower, clary sage & burdock root with a touch of golden shimmer added to encourage lucidity.

This is a 100% non-toxic, poison plant free version of the traditional witches ‘flying ointment’ folk medicine for those who are unable or prefer to not use psychedelics.

Recommended use is adding 1 tablespoon to hot bath water and soaking for 20 mins. Bundle up after drying off to continue feeling these properties, and rest. Contains approximately 4 baths worth, very small amount needed.

NOW in a 4oz amber glass traditional apothecary bottle.

100% Vegan, synthetic and nut free, wildcrafted and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Always consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using any herbal products, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have an existing medical condition, have allergies, or are on any medications.

This information is for educational purposes only, has not been evaluated by Health Canada, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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