Magnesium Body Lotion


A similar comfort of soaking in a mineral bath in a convenient lotion, Transdermal Magnesium bypasses the digestive system, reduces restless legs and pain, relieves tension, improves skin health and restores mineral balance. Magnesium controls stress hormones & supports production of serotonin, relieving anxiety, depression, headaches & migraine. It helps you produce melatonin, regulating sleep patterns, it also relieves aches, muscle spasms, restless legs & period pains, and soothes irritated nerves.

When magnesium is deficient, melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep, is disturbed, making it hard to fall and stay asleep. Stress and tension can also deplete your system of magnesium, which causes insomnia for many people. Magnesium controls your stress hormones and balances everything. If you get frequent muscle cramps or spasms in your legs, you may be dehydrated but also lacking magnesium. When your muscles are tight, they will contract and cause very painful episodes, waking some people from their sleep. Magnesium helps to stabilize cell membranes and relax the muscles. Magnesium is essential for bone health because it stimulates the calcitonin hormone that helps to regulate calcium in your body and helps to build bones. And, it also suppresses the parathyroid hormone that breaks down bones. Magnesium helps to relax the bowel muscle and works as an osmotic laxative, which means it “pulls” in water so the intestines can absorb it, then the stool expands and softens so it can gently pass through. Magnesium plays an important role for brain health as well.

A simple, scent free formulation of Kokum butter, hemp oil, dark beeswax from our local apiary and magnesium salt can be applied anywhere on the skin daily as needed.

100% Vegan, synthetic and nut free, wildcrafted and sustainably sourced ingredients.

XL 8oz amber glass traditional apothecary bottle with pump.

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Kokum butter, hemp oil, beeswax, magnesium


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